To promulgate or send out. A subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about.

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Bring out an official document.

L'issue. 22 and 29 1980. Most important in what is. The question at issue then is whether the judicial function has any role to fulfill in evaluating the process The real question at issue was the pace at which gradual democratization should proceed What is also at issue is the service being provided in supplying the.

Issue definition the act of sending out or putting forth. Verb Generations issuing from an ancestor. One copy of Celebrities are Cool magazine is an issue.

Current Issue 2 hours ago. Whether democracy regains its footing will depend on how democratic leaders and citizens respond to emboldened authoritarians. When you mention an issue in another issue or pull request the issues timeline reflects the cross-reference so that you can keep track of related work.

The act of making SECURITIES such as bonds shares etc available for sale and the securities themselves issue of The shareholders are expected to approve two issues of common stock. Synonyms for issue include matter subject topic concern point question affair case controversy and dispute. In the law governing the transfer or distribution of property a child children and all individuals who descend from a common ancestor or descendents of any degree.

Home message submit archive issue002 Mixtape Contact Shop. An issue is an offering of new securities to investors in an effort to raise capital. Issues of bonds can be made as long as there is investor.

Aftereffect aftermath backwash child conclusion consequence corollary development. A point or matter of discussion debate or dispute. Noun proceeds from a source of revenue such as an estate.

When the pull request merges the linked issue automatically closes. Circulate distribute or equip with. Originally presented to the Sligo SDA church Oct.

What does issue mean. A paper by Bert Haloviak Ellen White and the SDA Church. Current Issue 2 hours ago.

Tree bark tabis by hugh hayden. It is issued or put out by the publisher. Issue a new uniform to the children.

Issue synonyms issue pronunciation issue translation English dictionary definition of issue. Haloviak here presents an historical analysis of different views of the work and role of Ellen. Issue January – Volume 136 Issue 1 Pages 1 – 253 February – Volume 136 Issue 2 Pages 255 – 402 March – Volume 136 Issue 3 Pages 403 – 523 Volume 136 Issue 3.

The issue of food and blankets to flood victims. Antecedent causation cause. In a lawsuit a disputed point of law or Question of Fact set forth in the pleadings that is alleged by one party and denied by the other.

This is the darkest moment for freedom in half a century. All-in-one content creation distribution platform to convert content into high-quality visuals and multiple formats to distribute on the web social and more. Issue a magazine or newspaper.

From Resurgent to Imperiled. To be born or be descended. Please confirm total number of shares in issue existing at the end of the period in order for us to update our.

Prepare and issue for public distribution or sale. A matter of public concern. Uno highlights need for continuous HR development.

You and your mother may argue over the issue or topic of whether or not you should read it. Govt to build first modern permanent mangrove nursery in. Stay updated and receive special offers.

Issue2 noun countable 1. To indicate that work is in progress you can link an issue to a pull request. Sligo Series though not new to our site deserves our attention at this time as a companion piece to the above papers.

– publish bring out put out release. Government to expand COVID-19 telemedicine services outside Java-Bali. What legal and moral issues should we consider.

Current Issue 3 hours ago.

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